Highly Efficient XLamp® XP-G LED Now Available From MSC

Cree XLamp XP-G

Performance levels up to 140 lumens per watt

Stutensee (Germany) - The three latest models of XLamp ® XP-G product family of Cree are setting standards in terms of directional lighting. The highly efficient XLamp XP-G LEDs reach a new level of performance from up to 140 lumens per watt, and they are immediately available from the MSC Vertriebs GmbH. They are suitable for various applications such as street and area lights, as a replacement for PAR spotlights and for strong flashlights. 

The cool white XLamp XP-G (5,000 K) achieved 148 lumens and 141 lumens per watt, while the XP-G Outdoor White (4,000 K) delivers up to 139 lumens and 132 lumens per watt and the warm white version (3,000 K) up to 122 lumens and 116 lumens per watt is (each at 350 mA). 

The original design war retained, which facilitate the transition to the new XP-G LED's for customers and designers. Also unchanged is the long life of the XP-G LEDs. According to the TM-21 method for calculating the LED lifetime, so you can go out of 60,000 hours life. This is equivalent to nearly seven years.